How we Install Artificial Grass Turf

Installing a new artificial lawn over your old lawn is relative straight forward when you know how its done. We realise that many of our clients imagine its quite a big expensive project and wonder how its done. A question often asked is how much upheaval does it cause and most importantly how much mess does it create!

Our team of hard working local tradesmen understand how important it is to make sure the installation process is hassle free. Keeping you happy all the way through the project is at the top of our list. We keep mess and noise to a minimum, we’re polite, hard working and get the job done on time every time.

We decided to put together a short storyboard right here showing a typical project and demonstrating how we install your brand new artificial lawn.

  • remove old turf top layer1

    Remove the Old Turf

    To begin we remove the old lawn with a Rotavator and other special equipment. The old lawn is skimmed off in neat strips and is placed in our skip to be recycled. There is no need to cut your grass before we do this but it will certainly help if you do. The old lawn can be quite bulky when its rolled up if the grass is long.

  • prepare ground weed prevention2

    Prepare the Ground

    When all the old lawn has been removed we level the ground. At this stage we will check for any dips in the ground and smooth out any lumps. When the ground is ready we prepare it for a special treatment layer to prevent weeds. A layer of top soil is then applied to achieve a natural effect under foot.

  • level top soil cover membrane3

    Level & Fit Membrane

    When the top soil has been successfully packed down we fit a timber frame around the boundary of your lawn. We then fit the membrane sheets and fix them to the timber frame.

  • spread adhesive butt up edges4

    Apply Adhesive

    When all the work on the membrane is complete we unroll out the sheets of your chosen synthetic lawn. We run the rolls in the opposite direction to the membrane for a more secure fixing. The adhesive is applied along the seems, at this stage its a bit like fitting a carpet!

  • glue grass sheet edges trim excess5

    Glue Edges & Trim Excess

    The edges are glued, packed down with weighted bags and the excess grass is trimmed. Our fitters take great care in achieving a natural and neat finish.

  • spreading sand on fake grass6

    Spread Sand to Lift Pile

    Sharp sand is then spread across the artificial blades of grass and brushed into the pile. This eliminates any visible patterns and creates a visually natural and realistic look to the grass.

  • completed artificial lawn7

    The Finished Artificial Lawn

    The finished lawn is truly amazing and your neighbours, friends and family will find it hard to believe its artificial grass, the lawn looks so realistic!

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